He Saves the Choice Wine for the End

The firewood is stacked on the side of our house.  You don’t feel how cold it is outside until you turn the corner, the wind isn’t blocked  there and blows sharply across the bricks. The chill cuts deep.  Deeper than usual for the south in December.  I make a fire to warm up the porch […]

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The Sublime Studio: {Karen Appleton}

Appropriately so during this season of giving, how about an artist feature on an artist who paints beautiful presents?  Karen Appleton’s gift paintings would be too pretty to open if they were real.  Her work is unique, and her ability to capture light and whimsy will bring a smile to your face.  It’s a cold, […]

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The Reverse Midas Touch

So here’s the thing.  I might like elementary age/middle school age parenting more than baby/toddler parenting.  This has potential to be the greatest revelation I have received in quite sometime.  I just never knew.  I always thought I was a tiny baby loving kind of mama, a chubby toddler loving kind of parent, but it […]

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Astonishing Simplicity

On day one of vacation, I was already arguing with my books.  It’s what I do.  I pack a library of heavy reads (both physically and figuratively) in the man’s backpack, and he lugs them for me from home to island.  He limits his playful, sarcastic remarks to one or two, and I let it […]

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