My heart goes pitter patter over the french look.  I love it.  It’s weathered, worn, and cozy, but somehow still elegant.  I have been experimenting a lot with Annie Sloan’s chalk paint.  It lends itself well to the look of french decor, because it’s so easy to achieve that weathered appearance.  This isn’t a blog post advertising for Annie Sloan’s products (as if she needed my assistance), the product certainly has its limitations.  It is not a material that creates depth of interest in a piece of furniture.  It is somewhat of a one dimensional finish.  What you see is what you get kind of thing, but I like that sometimes.  I don’t think this product was created to achieve the look of a Habersham piece.  It was created to serve a simple, lovely purpose…and I think it does it’s job well.  You can always spruce the flatness of the product up a bit with wax and foils, so I thought I would give it a shot with this consignment store piece.  How cool and handsome is this little boy…I mean side table! 


Another reason to love chalk paint:  a two year old can paint with it.  Chalk paint is dry (aka: chalky…duh, am I impressing you with my expertise), flat, and quick drying.  It doesn’t do that sticky, tacky thing that latex paint does.

I added some metallic foil bling to the edges.  Whenever considering bling or no bling, always go with bling.  Just ask my Caroline, and she will tell you.  She is such a wise girl for only being 5 years old.  Last week she informed me that she was “a big fan of Taylor Swift and God”.  Oh how I love her.

Didin’t she turn out all frenchy and lovely?  I should give her a name.

I love the lines of this piece.

Another great place I love to check out is Wisteria.  They have lots of french pieces that I try and copy.

See.  I even like mine better than theirs.Some more eye candy from Wisteria:

And lastly, Annie Sloan does have a book out about getting that French look.  It’s an affordable purchase and I think a handy addition to any one’s collection that enjoys painting furniture.  OK, so maybe this was a post advertising for Annie Sloan’s products.  I’m sure she will be calling me tomorrow to thank me.

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