Every time I blog about chalk paint, I usually get a few emails from people saying they are afraid to try it.  This is so perplexing to me.  I get being afraid of a lot of stuff, but chalk paint?  Don’t be afraid of chalk paint.  It is literally the easiest, most forgiving product I have ever used.  The other comment I hear a lot is that people think the color palette is limiting.  I might have tended to agree with this a little more in the beginning of my chalk paint experiences, but again, this is just not the case.  I recently found the blog Ciruelointeriors.  Adriana posted color formulations that she had created by simply adding different amounts of Old White to all of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors.  Basic, yes.  But helpful for sure.  I think for some, they need to be allowed to visually look at what is possible.  Here are a few examples of what she created:

You get the idea, right?  The first swipe of color is pure color straight from the can, and the subsequent shades are created by adding varying amounts of Old White.  Now don’t go thinking you can only mix white to extend your Annie Sloan color palette.  A few week ago I painted a kitchen with the custom color I mixed with: 75% Paris Grey / 25% Duck Egg Blue.  It was a beautiful color.  I’m getting ready to do another one that is 50/50 Provence and French Linen.  The possibilities are endless really, you just need to get brave (and be willing to invest in a few colors for experimentation).  I experiment with very small amounts of color (like tablespoons).  Don’t go mixing two full cans of chalk paint and then decide you hate the color!  Mix small quantities.  My teacher and friend, Barb Skivington over at Faux Works, has mixed endless combinations of color.  She paints the created color on a paint stick and writes the formula on the handle: simple, yet genius.   And speaking of Barb, she has some great classes coming up that I’m dying to get into her studio for.  You can click here and check them out.

Have a great day friends, and get brave.

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