Have you ever seen this plant?  It is called ‘wedding veil’ (at least that is what the 9 year old said that sold it to me at our local farmer’s market).  I love it.  It is just now starting to bloom and I’m told there will be many more white flowers that spread across it’s leaves.  So many in fact that herein lies the origin of its’ name.  All the tiny, white, flowing flowers transform this plant into the appearance of a wedding veil.  How much do you love that!?!  Why all this random talk of this plant you ask?  Because it is the only thing looking pretty and complete on our porch.  Progress is slow when you do so much of it yourselves.  Have I ever said that before?  Are you rolling your eyes?  Everywhere I look things are unfinished, and I don’t mean unfinished in a way that implies I think any home is ever done, I mean unfinished in a way like we still have bare studs in much of this house.

For example, the girls room still looks like this.  Still.

It occurred to me yesterday that even if drywall does goes up in the next few weeks as is planned, when am I going to paint this?  We are officially on the countdown to school ending, just one month to go!  Maybe the girls and I can get up on scaffolding and paint together.  That’s the other thing, when my husband decided to give the girls a loft in their room, that meant that one of their walls became a 2-story wall.  I think this should be overwhelming me, but it’s not for some reason.  It just makes me laugh:

However, this man of mine totally redeemed himself with having these beauties built.  They are waiting to be stained before climbing roses can be planted.  Who do you think was hired to stain them?

Oh yes, you guessed it, me.  And look, here is another one, only this one is 12 feet tall.  Awesome.

And while painting on walls is really what my focus should be right now, I’m dying to paint a few canvases too.  This beauty below is quite possibly one of my all time favorite pictures.  Found of course over at Crush Cul de Sac (my favorite tumblr).  I cannot find the source, but would love to know who took this photograph:

I started throwing some color on a canvas at least a month ago, and then haven’t gotten back over to it since.  I see it sitting in the playroom on my easel every time I walk down the hallway upstairs.  It’s “unfinished-ness” is ironically symbolic of just about everything we have going on around here.

Here is another image I came across and was totally drawn to.  I love lions almost as much as I love lambs (a side note: you have no idea how difficult it is for me not to include a video of Aslan from “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” coming back from the death right here in the middle of this post.  No idea!),  and this one is completely captivating:

And so I painted him.  He is one of the only things complete around here.  I see this going in a little boy’s room, and though I do have my own little boy, this piece is headed to the Beautiful Life Conference to be part of their giveaways.  Speaking of the conference, do you have your tickets yet?  I would love to see you there!

Lastly, I hope you will come back next week to walk and pray through a series of daily devotionals.  I recently had the great privilege of writing a prayer guide for my children’s school.  These prayers are in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, and they are a guide for lifting up teachers and staff before the One true teacher and giver of wisdom.  I will post one each day, and would love to have you join me.  See you Monday.

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