Chalkboard Lettering: another project on my list


Meet Dana Tanamachi, a graphic designer and custom chalk letterer.  Isn’t she great!  She has inspired me, because I have a new chalkboard wall.  The back wall of our landing that leads to the homeschooling room is waiting for a great lettering design.

My wheels are turning.  The girls and I may be playing with chalk this weekend.  I hope you enjoy yours….

*This post contains a video.  If you are reading in a reader, you may need to click back to the original site in order to view the video.*



  1. DYING to see the whole room! Chalkboard walla are sooo fun! Yours will always contain beauty, I am sure!

  2. How sad is this: I hired a painter to paint my girls’ bathroom wall in chalkboard paint…and more than two months later, it’s still blank! Maybe you’ll inspire me! xoxo!

  3. How fun. How fun. How fun. A chalkboard wall is ever so tempting, ridiculously so (that even the dust doesn’t interrupt my excitement!).

    Slowly easing back into blogging, I’ve had to spend some time in review here! Everything is taking shape and I love to hear how your schooling is progressing.. exciting!