Our Homeschool Room


It’s my new favorite room in the house, and it’s the one we have waited on the longest to be complete.  Do you remember about a year ago, we tore our roof off the house and went up with a higher pitch. raisin-the-roof-600x400

We framed in our new space.unfinishedI frustrated my husband with ridiculous inspiration pictures from Laduree in Paris.Laduree-NYC

And then he took awesome to a new level and made it happen for me.  The girls and I spend our days together here, and it’s about as good as it gets for all of us.homeschool room1

The portraits I painted of the girls finally have a home.table

Their bedroom is almost complete too, and here is a new abstract I painted for their space.  It’s still drying.
back of island

Each of the girls have a side of the room.  Ella’s:ellas side

Her desk:E Desk

Caroline’s side:Carolines Side

And her desk:C Desk

Thomas has a place to sit too:T table

There are lots of fun, kid-friendly nooks.  The dry erase board that all three love to use:whiteboardWe read and learn about Jesus here:carpet time

I paint here:my space


my paints

The girls paint too, but no oil for paints for them.  Not yet anyways:paints

Maps and timelines:maps

Lots of places to sit:chairs

places to sit

my chair

When I was a little girl, I would line up my Cabbage Patch Dolls and stuffed animals in my room and play school.  I was made to teach, and now I get to do it for real, with my own children.  God is good.  We were 6 months late completing the project, but it was totally worth the wait.  Hope you love it like we do.homeschool room1


  1. It does look like a magical place where fun, exploring, creativity and learning take place. So happy for you Amy.

  2. Amy!!! Oh, my word. I knew it was going to be wonderful. Having been to Laduree more than once, I was excited to see your space. I feel as if I could just walk up to that counter and order a beautiful box of macarons. :)

    Your home may be the very prettiest space in the entire blogosphere, Amy. Truly. And I know it’s filled with love, so that makes it really beautiful.

    So proud for you!!

  3. That is an amazing place! Who would not enjoy learning in such magical surroundings!

  4. Dearest Amy, there are no words for how amazing that space is!! You are a true genius when it comes to decorating and using a space. There is not a part of this room that I don’t love! I have read all your posts, but been so negligent in responding. I always get excited when I see a new post from you! You inspire me all the time! If you ever want to be commissioned for a painting, I am first in line. I would love for you to paint a picture of Jemma!!! You just let me know!

  5. amanda jones says:

    So excited to see this space! Now, hoping you will share some resources …. love the crstes for books, the slpper chairs and the tall bat.. I love the desks too?… do tell :)

  6. Your home is gorgeous, but your commitment to the Lord and your family things even more!

  7. Simply gorgeous! How could any child not be inspired to learn in a room like that? Thank you for sharing it with us!

  8. Amy, I am speechless! Simply fantastic, and you two are giving your children a wonderful, God-centered life. The corner in which you teach about Jesus gives me goosebumps! So sanctified, and certain God is smiling down and listening during your studies.

  9. HEAVEN!!! That is seriously the most amazing learning space I’ve ever seen! Makes me want to go to school all over again…with you as my teacher! I love the way you’ve used your gifts and love of beauty to create the perfect space for your girls. Love your heart, Amy! xoxo!

  10. Wow!! This space is absolutely amazing! It feels so warm and inviting. A perfect place to allow creativity to shine. Excellent job!!!

  11. inspirational! please share where you found those desks. thanks!

  12. So so beautiful! You did such a great job! I hope you tell about the black and white floor. I came across a designer I love you should check out her portfolio I think you would like her style it’s Loren Interiors.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! What a fun environment to learn and play in.

  14. Ariela HvM says:

    This room is stunning and everyone involved did a wonderful job!
    I did have a question, though, and I absolutely mean no disrespect by it.
    Why do Christians, compared to other religious and non-religious groups,
    home-school their children more? I was very curious about this –
    as I see this happening a lot where I live.
    Thank you!

  15. Visiting from Better After. WOW! Amazing transformation! God is good :-)

  16. I’m a retired schoolteacher, and I love your school room. I hope you are blessed with lots of learning, inquisitive children and the patience and grace to go with all that is education.

  17. Heather Skaggs says:

    This is just beautiful. What a blessing to be able to teach your children!

  18. This is awe-inspiring! And it really does look like Lauderee!

  19. beautiful room.
    came across it on pinterest and followed the link to your blog…loved catching up.

  20. What color is on the walls? Lovely!


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