It’s my new favorite room in the house, and it’s the one we have waited on the longest to be complete.  Do you remember about a year ago, we tore our roof off the house and went up with a higher pitch. raisin-the-roof-600x400

We framed in our new space.unfinishedI frustrated my husband with ridiculous inspiration pictures from Laduree in Paris.Laduree-NYC

And then he took awesome to a new level and made it happen for me.  The girls and I spend our days together here, and it’s about as good as it gets for all of us.homeschool room1

The portraits I painted of the girls finally have a home.table

Their bedroom is almost complete too, and here is a new abstract I painted for their space.  It’s still drying.
back of island

Each of the girls have a side of the room.  Ella’s:ellas side

Her desk:E Desk

Caroline’s side:Carolines Side

And her desk:C Desk

Thomas has a place to sit too:T table

There are lots of fun, kid-friendly nooks.  The dry erase board that all three love to use:whiteboardWe read and learn about Jesus here:carpet time

I paint here:my space


my paints

The girls paint too, but no oil for paints for them.  Not yet anyways:paints

Maps and timelines:maps

Lots of places to sit:chairs

places to sit

my chair

When I was a little girl, I would line up my Cabbage Patch Dolls and stuffed animals in my room and play school.  I was made to teach, and now I get to do it for real, with my own children.  God is good.  We were 6 months late completing the project, but it was totally worth the wait.  Hope you love it like we do.homeschool room1