Remodeling our guest bathroom : a few details I’m loving

First, before I share a little about remodeling our half bath, have you heard of Faribault Woolen Mill Company?  Their products, their company, their history, their style, every bit of it I am in love with.  And?  Made in the USA, or to put in their words, “Loomed in the Land of the Lakes”.  This company

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Decorating with Maps: an easy project

Every time I see a room using a map as decoration, my eye is immediately drawn to it.  No matter the room.  I think they are so very cool, especially in a boy’s room.   It turns out, I own the wall map you see pictured above in these last two photos.  I bought

A Loft for Kids

When we added the third story homeschooling room, in the eaves of our house we had unused space over the girl’s bedroom.  The way we look at it, to not finish and use the space, would be to waste it.  We found a way to tie it all in, and the result is a whimsical

Kitchen updates with Paint {and a dilemma}

When I can’t find words, I paint; and when my painting is terrible, I write.  Each serves as respite therapy for the other.  It’s weird.  We officially remodeled our kitchen 5ish years ago, but that doesn’t mean I can’t repaint stuff.  Recently, I have been painting a lot.  The walls needed some improving.  They were

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